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Benefits, Care and Maintenance of Butcher Blocks Countertops

Wood has always been the most popular building material worldwide. It’s sturdy and reliable and lasts a long time, even without much protection. Butcher block countertops, made from natural hardwoods, are very popular nowadays. Properly maintained, they can remain beautiful for years and years. A key factor making them so popular is their affordability. They’re less expensive than granite and other materials commonly used in new and remodeled kitchens. Wood is quite versatile and you can choose from a variety of species to complement your kitchen floors and cabinets.

The Butcher Block Was Conceived by Blacksmiths in the Nineteenth Century

When blacksmiths first conceived of mounting hardwood boards on wooden legs, they marveled at how well the tables absorbed the impact of hammer against anvil. Recognizing that butchers too had need for sturdy tables on which to chop meat, saw millers and smithies answered the demand, and the butcher block was born. It didn’t take long for them to migrate from corner markets to supermarkets and from restaurants and delis into America’s kitchens.

Nothing beats a wood butcher block for cutting, measuring, mixing, stirring, blending, pounding or rolling

Homemakers and self-proclaimed gourmets value having a solid, smooth surface for food preparation. The beautiful appearance of blocks makes them equally great for presenting and serving food – everything from appetizers to desserts, including main courses like roasts, turkeys or hams for carving.

If you’re looking for a free-standing butcher block primarily for food preparation, choose end grain.

If you expect to do lots of cutting on it, then you would be best advised to go with an end-grain butcher block with a food-safe natural oil finish. Its surface is essentially the cut ends of short pieces of wood. The wood fibers of these cut ends are less susceptible to nicks from knives or gouges from sharp corners. If, on the other hand, you’re more interested in butcher blocks because they have the look of fine furniture and require minimal maintenance, then you should consider a semi-gloss varnish finish.



Customers’ Comments about Butcher Block Co. Products and Services

“Everything about the sale was just as it is supposed to be. I got a great looking product and no headaches or unexpected stuff. Thank you.”

Leonard, Ponte Vedra, FL

“I received my butcher block and I am so pleased. It looks better than I imagined. I have used it everyday since! Thanks so much.”

Nan, Bartlett, TN

“I received my standing butcher block last week, and I am thrilled with it. I have wanted one for years. Your prices are very reasonable and the quality is top notch.I couldn’t wait to make some gazpacho to try it out (that is the most labor intensive chopping dish I could think of). Loved it! I just have to think of who I am going to will the block to, because I know it will outlast me. Thanks for years to come of happy cooking.”

Allison C., Dallas, TX

“We are exceptionally pleased with the butcher block we purchased. The price was excellent and the quality outstanding. When it arrived, as promised, it was well-packaged and the assembly instructions were well-written. We highly recommend this company.”

Frank D., Long Beach, CA

“Just a quick note. I received my teak butcher block & love it! The wood grain is beautiful and I appreciate the fact that the wood comes from a sustainable forest. Thanks.”

Carol B., Santa Rosa, CA

“The chopping block arrived today and I could not be more pleased! The shipping was fast and the cutting board is exactly what I wanted. Thank you!”

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